About Us

We are one of the largest consumer protection law firms in the country. With 303 lawyers and a support staff of over 1,500 people, we have the resources to take on the energy drink industry. Our main goal is to help individuals who have been wronged; that’s why our motto is “For the People,” and why we’ve never represented an insurance carrier or a large company.

At Morgan & Morgan, we are trial lawyers. That means we’re not afraid to go up against large corporations, and we have the track record to prove it. We’ve taken on Big Tobacco and won $90 Million verdicts. Energy drink companies have taken a page out of Big Tobacco’s marketing book and aim their ads at our country’s youth, the segment of the population most vulnerable to the high levels of caffeine, sugar and additives in their drinks. Therefore, we aim to hold them accountable just as we’ve been able to hold tobacco companies liable in the past.

Leading the crusade against energy drink companies are attorneys Mike Morgan and Andrew Parker Felix. Both have extensive experience with personal injury and product liability.

Mike has dedicated his life to helping people in their time of need and to ensuring companies are held accountable for producing and selling dangerous products, while Andrew is using the knowledge he gained going up against tobacco companies and Fen-Phen pharmaceuticals to strike down energy drink manufacturers.

We’re working with attorney Kevin I. Goldberg on this case, the pioneer of legal advocacy against energy drink companies. Kevin was the first person to step up against the energy giants. He was personally affected by the case of fourteen-year-old Anais Fournier, who died after consuming two Monsters. Since then, he’s been a vocal opponent of the multi-billion dollar industry, and even introduced a bill in Maryland to ban their sale.