1. Are energy drinks dangerous?

2. What are the side effects of caffeine?

3. How much caffeine is in energy drinks?

4. What’s in energy drinks besides caffeine?

5. What is taurine?

6. What is ginseng?

7. What is guarana?

8. Why are energy drinks more dangerous than coffee or tea?

9. Does the FDA regulate energy drinks?

10. Have energy drink ingredients been analyzed?

11. Monster, Red Bull, and Rockstar are part of the American Beverage Association. Doesn’t that mean they’re safe?

12. Who is most vulnerable to the dangers of energy drinks?

13. Do energy drinks market to children?

14. What happens when you mix energy drinks and alcohol?

15. Do other countries regulate energy drinks?

16. Why should I join the fight with Morgan & Morgan and #RethinkTheDrink?

17. What are the serious side effects from regular consumption of energy drinks?