Rockstar Lawsuit

Rockstar energy drinks are the third-best selling brand behind Red Bull and Monster. They’ve been available since 2001, and are now for sale in over 30 different countries, in over 20 flavors. Similar to the other brands, Rockstar beverages contain a combination of high amounts of sugar, caffeine, and herbal stimulants, including norepinephrine, which is the body’s “fight or flight” hormone. Consuming beverages with these ingredients could possibly trigger a spike in blood pressure, and other adverse side effects that could lead to serious health problems, kidney failure, and even death.

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Why is Rockstar so Dangerous?

Side effects of energy drinks including Rockstar, as determined by a 2012 study by the Medical Journal of Australia, include heart palpitations, agitation, chest pain, and dizziness, difficulty sleeping, and headaches.

Rockstar’s larger sizes indicate larger consequences. Last year, a man filed a lawsuit against the Rockstar manufacturer after experiencing a heart attack, allegedly sparked by consuming up to four cans of Rockstar within six to eight hours. He wasn’t the first. In 2005, an 18-year-old landed in a Berkeley, California emergency room after drinking a 16 oz. can of Rockstar every evening.

Adults who ingests more than 200 to 300 mg of caffeine daily are likely to experience these symptoms. Children under 18 have a lower tolerance, however, and are not advised to consumer more than 160 mg of caffeine daily- that’s just one can of Rockstar.

Despite evidence of its risks, sales of Rockstar beverages were on the upswing in 2015, growing over 29% from 2014. Additionally, some adults mix Rockstar beverages with alcohol, which can mask the effects of intoxication, and hinder the body’s ability to metabolize alcohol. The stimulants contained in these beverages can give a falsely energized feeling, but has no effect on the body’s blood-alcohol concentration.

Do You Feel You Have Cause to File a Rockstar Lawsuit?

If you or someone you know has experienced heart problems, seizures, an irregular heartbeat, kidney failure, or another adverse effect after drinking Rockstar, you might have reason to sue the company for compensation. Damages recovered from a lawsuit can help mitigate things like unforeseen medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and in some cases, death. Call us or fill out our form today to join the fight against energy drink companies.